John Johnstone

John “Rocky” Johnstone is on the Board of Directors for United Heroes League.

He has been in the graphic arts industry for the past 40 years. He is currently an independent sales representative for Nicoat Coatings out of Chicago. Rocky lives in the St. Cloud, Minnesota area with his wife, Lori. Rocky and Lori are avid hockey fans. Rocky is a co-founder and partner of the Granite City Lumberjacks which is a junior hockey team in the North American Tier 3 hockey league. He helps out with day to day operations and heads up the charitable gambling and fundraising for the Lumberjacks. The Lumberjacks are a proud sponsor of DTBL. Rocky is also an active member of the Metro Lions of St. Cloud. He was an integral part of coordinating the fundraising and construction of the Metro Lions Miracle Field located in St. Cloud. Rocky drew an interest in DTBL through Matt Hendricks. Rocky lost a brother in the marines so his passion for family, helping others and his love of hockey all come together to support the mission of DTBL. What a great way to give back so military families can continue their love of hockey.