Minnesota Wild Magazine Sales Opportunity!

The Minnesota Wild Foundation and United Heroes League would like to extend the following offer to Minnesota military families for consideration:

Event Details: 
WHO: 14 adults and 26 kids (will be grouped together in groups of 2 adults and 4 kids, with one group of 2 adults and 2 kids).  Kids must be between ages 6-13; the younger children tend to attract higher sales.
WHAT: Selling Minnesota Wild Magazines at Wild’s Military Appreciation Night game.
WHERE: Xcel Energy Center
WHEN: Monday, January 22nd [meet inside Gate 1 lobby at 4:45pm] [selling magazines from when doors open thru the end of the 1st period]

Day of Game Procedure:

  • A Minnesota Wild Foundation representative will meet the group in the Gate 1 lobby, located off of Kellogg Blvd, next to The Hockey Lodge (southeast entrance). Volunteers will need to arrive 2 hours and 15 minutes prior to the start of the game in order to participate in a short training session and to let each station prepare for gates open. The gates are open one hour prior to the start of the game.
  • Magazines are sold for $5.00. Each month, a new magazine will be printed. Each game, a new roster card will be put inside a monthly magazine. Be sure to inform fans that the magazine sales benefit United Heroes League. *The roster cards are NOT sold separately.
  • The Wild will provide a cash box with initial cash for making change. All money, unsold magazines and other items will be collected at the end of the 1st period when sales commence.
  • Adults will wear a money belt and handle all of the money. As kids sell magazines, they should return money to the adults. Adults may put money into cash boxes provided in each stand as needed.
  • Do not leave the sales stand at any time (adults). If you need to leave for any reason, please have at least one adult stay behind to supervise the stand. Adults should always supervise children to the restroom.
  • Volunteers will sell magazines through the end of the first period. The biggest sales times occur from between 15 minutes before the game until about 10 minutes into the game
  • The Wild will provide 40 event passes for the individuals selling magazines. These passes provide entry into the arena and will allow the group to watch the game after the selling is over. They are standing-room-only passes for the upper level. We are strictly limited to 40 passes and no exceptions can be made.

If you already have a United Heroes League jersey from a past event, please specify in the form below. If you do not, we will provide one upon arrival to the Xcel Energy Center.

If chosen to participate in this event, please consider that you will be representing both United Heroes League and the Minnesota Wild. Inappropriate behavior reflects on both organizations and could result in termination from the program.

Please complete the following information and click submit.  If you are selected for this opportunity, we will contact you.