2022 Justin Morneau Ice Fishing Classic
 benefiting United Heroes League

Lake Mille Lacs – February 5, 2022
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The Justin Morneau Ice Fishing Classic will benefit
United Heroes League!

Hunter’s Point Resort, 5436 479th St, Isle, MN 56342. 320-676-3227.
Reservations are expected to sell out by early January.

Any questions about the fishing event please call Jay Lorek, UPS 612-718-7523.

Fishing Winners:

2022 Prize  Description Qt Wt Name
Walleye 1 Clam Fishhouse 1 4.05 Caleb Larsen
Walleye 2 MarCum LX-3 1 3.99 Larry Borgardt
Walleye 3 $100 Scheels Gift Card 1 3.77 Mike Rillen
Walleye 4 Big Buddy Heater w/clam bucket and pole 1 3.57 Brad Juaire
Walleye 5 $50 Scheels Gift Card 1 3.57 Len Woelm
Northern 1 Clam Fishhouse 1 5.62 Blake Sthibonski
Northern 2 $100 Scheels Gift Card 1 4.85 Dane Williams
Northern 3 Frabill Bait Station 19qt 1 4.65 Jordan WIlliams
Northern 4 Big Buddy Heater 1 3.4 Jamaal Baird
Northern 5 $50 Scheels Gift Card 1 3.07 Josh Thompson
Perch 1 Clam Fishhouse 1 1.97 Alex Tim
Perch 2 $100 Scheels Gift Card 1 1.73 Taylor Patnode
Perch 3 Frabill Bait Station 19qt 1 1.42 Chris Zortman
Perch 4 $50 Scheels Gift Card 1 1.19 Aiden Wiggins
Perch 5 Clam Bucket w/Pole 1 1.11 Nick Zorba
Other 1 Hub Shelter 1 1.85 Dalton Rueckert Tulibee
Other 2 Frabill Bait Station 13qt 1 1.67 Travis Stucky Tulibee
Other 3 Clam Bucket w/Pole 1 1.38 Sherry Schmidt Tulibee

Door Prize Drawing Winners:

Prize  Description Ticket # Name Notes
Ice Castle Fishhouse 1164 Joyce Hill
Garmin LiveScope Ice Fishing Bundle LI 112 Scott Carey
Marcum M1 664 Ryan Schools
Tito’s Vodka Calm Fishouse 2102 Chris Briggins
Clam Yukon XL Thermal Fishhouse 1228 Kristen Erickson
Clam single seat 1670 Nick Zarbo
65Qt Cooler Yukon 240 Linda Carlson
Traeger Tailgater Grill w/pellets and spices 1373 Bob Nitti
Blackstone Griddle 22″ flat top 2981 Alex Vegas
Blackstone Griddle 22″ flat top 1283 Josh Gustafson
50″ TV 1335 Doug Brink
50″ TV 2268 Tracy Clausen
Bubba Fillet Knife Combo Lit battery 2880 Sarah Gilbertson
40 V 6″Strikemaster Ice Auger 1591 Ross Rhodes
Solo Fire Ring 1862 Dan Fiero
R12 Lith Rappel Knife 53 Jason Travis
Buddy Heater Flex w/Pack 2475 Stephen H… In-person purchase
Wild Tickets (Pair) 341 Mike Bower
Yukon cooler + $50 Scheels Gift Card 3112 Dan Fitzmorissey
$250 Scheels Gift Card 4311 Jessica Howe
$200 Scheels Gift Card 107 Steve Griz
$200 Scheels Gift Card 3114 Brian Thiel
$200 Scheels Gift Card 901 TJ Schneider
$150 Scheels Gift Card 1299 Everett Halvorson
$150 Scheels Gift Card 1297 Ryan OKeefe
$100 Scheels Gift Card 289 Brad Vajack
$100 Scheels Gift Card 1504 Pam Gabor
$100 Scheels Gift Card 1654 Taylor Lindquist
$100 Scheels Gift Card 1191 Eric Jerdee
$100 Scheels Gift Card 151 Josh Dufferson
$100 Scheels Gift Card 2520 Mark Greener
$100 Scheels Gift Card 608 Ken Zachman
$100 Scheels Gift Card 3007 Eric Dufferson
$50 Scheels Gift Card 1124 Lee Hopy
Yukontech Cooler 30 Cody Drazel
bubba fillet knife 1316 Steve Watke
Coffee Kit 823 Anna William
Coffee Kit 3010 Josh Bowers
Rappel Fillet Lith battery 867 Lauren Zorba
Rappel Fillet Lith battery 1 Jane Berski
rattel reel light 1318 Shawn Duncan
Cast Iron Cook set 1613 Greg Stotko
Frabill Bait Cooler 13QT 1466 Linnae Smith
Frabill Bait Cooler 13QT 498 James Neese In-person purchase
Engel Bait Cooler 297 Ron Tally
Engel Bait Cooler 1009 Mary Schroeder
Engel Bait Cooler 149 Hunter Nitti
Frabill Bait Cooler 8Qt 584 Wayne Shuski In-person purchase
Frabill Bait Cooler 8Qt 675 Larry B
Big Buddy Heater 851 Beast Buffet
Buddy Heater 495 Mike Jader
Buddy Heater 2504 Jason Aarnio
Buddy Heater 1848 Mike Larson
Buddy Heater w/backpack 1798 Chris Picha-Hilla
Scheels Tackle Bag 2353 Hunter Nitti
Scheels Tackle Bag 194 Scott Curtis
Scheels Tackle Bag 483 George W
Scheels Ice Fishing Pole box 1511 Colton Harmon
Scheels Ice Fishing Pole box 1162 Jay Markfoel
Fishing Pole Bags 1535 Josh Mills
Amp Battery 976 Jacob Luedke
Walleye Trip 2317 Brad Bochen
Walleye Trip 670 Kim Christbalm
Yeti Bucket 892 Matt Casey
Yeti Bucket 302 Dale Dollar
Deep Fryer 809 Darwin Young
Deep Fryer 1806 Chris Picha-Hilla
Deep Fryer 3084 Robert Stalmach
Midland Walkie Talkie Set 1705 Nick Meyer
Autographed football 1594 Steve Gabor
Autographed football 305 Amy Rhuban
Autographed baseball 964 Brian Thauwald
Autographed baseball 1426 John Davis
Autographed baseball 2253 Dan
Autographed baseball 1345 Tonya
Dog Collar 659 Adam Dale
Dog Collar 742 Joe Etzel
Tackle Box 873 Jake Koenig

All proceeds of the event will go directly to the 501c3 non-profit United Heroes League. UHL helps military families heal, build friendships, and engage in their communities through sports.

Door Prizes!


In addition to the fish category prizes, United Heroes League will be giving away dozens of fabulous door prizes at this event.

To receive a free door prize entry, stop into the bar at Nitti’s Hunters Point Resort located at 5436 479th St., Isle, MN 56342 between 9:00-11:00 AM of February 5th, 2022 to complete your form for a free entry.


Ice Fishing Ticket

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Raffle Will End On 3 February 2024 12:00 pm

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Ticket for the Justin Morneau Ice Fishing Tournament.

The ticket includes the ability to submit fish for the fishing tournament and one entry into the door prize drawing. Fishing is NOT required to be entered into the door prize drawing. Need not be present to win door prizes.

ONLINE ticket sales end at noon on the event day. In-person ticket sales are subject to different sale times.


DOOR PRIZES – Winners will need to present a valid ID to claim prizes. The name on the ID must match the name on the drawing ticket

FISH SUBMISSION – Submitting a fish requires either a physical ticket or a digital ticket number. The email receipt qualifies as the digital ticket number.