Who’s Eligible?

Click Here to read our eligibility statement from the President & Founder Shane Hudella.

United Heroes League provides equipment, camps, pro sports tickets, financial assistance and special experiences.

In order to be eligible for our benefits you must either be currently serving in the U.S or Canadian Armed Forces, be an honorably discharged Veteran who has deployed to a combat zone, or a service member with an honorable 20 year retirement and their children under 18 years old. All military branches are included and may apply.

Status Priority for selections:

1. Family of Killed In Action
2. Combat Wounded Purple Heart Recipient
3. Currently Deployed
4. Currently Serving
5. Veterans (Honorably discharged Veterans who have deployed to a combat zone as defined by the Department of Defense or Veterans Administration.)

Rank Priority:

E8  O1  WO1
E9  O2  WO2
O3  WO3
O4  WO4

United Heroes League supports Canadian Forces Service Members with benefits for their military children. We now have an additional option for military in Canada to select their rank:

Junior Enlisted

Senior Enlisted

Junior Officer

Senior Officer