Your name, the name of a loved one, or your company will be added to our “Heroes Wall” at the entrance to our Confidence Course with a qualifying gift.

Military Bricks

Placement on a wall devoted to honoring only military members. These bricks are designed to be affordable for military families to honor their loved ones who served. All military bricks will be the same size to denote the importance of each members’ sacrifice regardless of branch or rank.

4” x 8” Military Bricks
Spread over 2 years is less than $10/month

Sports, Corporate, and Donor Family Bricks

Leave a legacy with a brick sized for any budget. These bricks will be included on walls built at the entrance to our Confidence Course.

4” x 8” Brick
For less than $21 a month

8” x 8” Brick
$84 per month

12” x 12” Brick
$209 per month

16” x 16” Brick
$417 per month

24” x 24” Brick
$834 per month

Donate a Brick for a Hero

Donate a brick to a military family and we will select one of our members to honor on our military only wall.  

4” x 8” Military Bricks
Spread over 2 years is less than $10/month

Renderings of the three-sided “Heroes Wall” in the shape of our logo with one side exclusive for military, one side for sports organizations, and one side dedicated to private donors. The three bands detailed in our logo represent military, family, and sports.

Bricks will be ordered and installed after the first pledge payment is received.
Your pledge can be made whole through monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments.