Here are a few examples of how United Heroes League has positively impacted Military Families


I can’t even begin to list the ways in which UHL has helped me…  But I will try.  The first honor was being introduced to the MNUFC! One game at Blaine and we were hooked! Then, they outfitted my youngest head to toe for hockey as a skater and a goalie! There have been clinics, camps, celebrity meetings, autographs and tickets to things I wouldn’t be able to afford! We got a computer and bicycles!  The generosity of the donors is amazing, the ability of UHL to find these donors and provide to local military is to me, the greatest thank you I have ever received!!!

Scott MacKinnon
US Army, E6
Prior Lake, MN

UHL has been very kind and generous to my family over the last couple of years. Between the tickets to different events or picking out hockey equipment for my kids… I cannot begin to thank you for what you have done for us.  The hockey equipment you allowed my kids to get prior to the hockey season last year was great, and especially the new sticks! It all helped tremendously in savings and gave us a better appreciation of what you do. We are grateful for the kindness and support that you show for military families! I can’t say thank you enough, thank you!

Nicholas Huso
US Navy E9
Kasson, MN

My family has taken advantage of several opportunities through United Heroes League. We have outfitted our two oldest children several times with hockey equipment through UHL. Most recently, while I was deployed to Kuwait, my three oldest children received new bikes through a UHL event that provides new bikes to military children. I have nothing but appreciation and thanks for the work United Heroes League is doing.

Brian Nutter
US Army, O5

My daughter is an avid hockey fan, and loves playing the sport. United Heroes has supported her passion by sending her to hockey camps, hockey games, Twins games, and other events geared towards military kids. They are the forgotten ones often and it puts a smile on her face when someone goes the extra mile to show their love. She even got a bike this Christmas thanks to UHL! The support for my family while I am training or deployed, knowing the kids can continue to pursue sports, means a lot to me.

Lukas Gardner
US Army, E6
Delano, MN

United Heroes League has helped me and my family by providing us a since of community and has reminded us that as a Gold Star family, we are not forgotten. We have been fortunate to attend several events in where my children were given brand new bikes and a Christmas event. These kind gestures took the financial burden off me to provide my children with items that they wanted.

Justin Everett
US Marines, E5
Husdon, WI

It has allowed our family to be able to attend sporting events that we otherwise would never have been able to attend. With our family of 5 it can be hard to get tickets for all of us. These experiences are so memorable for both us and our children. It has been so wonderful to be able to provide them these experiences. They have also provided baseball gear to our three children. Baseball gear can be extremely expensive, so this is a big financial relief for us to be able to provide that for all of them.

Jesse Lutz
US Army, E8
Burnsville, MN