Military Child of the Month

March 2023

Jacksyn Pemble

Our Military Child of the Month is a bright young man by the name of Jacksyn Pemble. Jacksyn is currently a Boy Scout who is working towards his Eagle Scout. Being in the Scouts since he was in Kindergarten, Jacksyn has learned to be a good citizen and leader, which are the basics of the scouts. He shows this by volunteering at church, in youth sports for our community, and at home with his family. He volunteers for vacation bible school and helps run youth Sunday at church every year. He also volunteers to help coach youth baseball teams and camps every summer. He understands the importance of service and sacrifice, as his father has served our country for 20 years. Growing up Jacksyn has had to deal with his dad frequently being gone for drill weekends, TDY’s, and deployments which resulted in multiple missed holidays, birthdays, and sporting events. He has played football and baseball since he was a toddler and continues to do so to this day. We are proud to name Jacksyn as our Military Child of the Month for March.