Military Child of the Month | September 2023

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Liam Hadley 

15-year-old Liam Hadley first experienced the hardship of being a military child at just 4 months old, when both of his parents deployed to Iraq. Luckily, he didn’t have to go through another deployment until he was 11 and his dad deployed to Kuwait. However, Liam’s dad continues to be gone for months at a time for his military training. When his dad is away, Liam steps up big time. He helps his mom around the house and helps takes care of his two younger siblings and the family dog.  He also assumes the responsibility of locking all the doors at night and making sure the garage doors are shut, the chore his dad usually does when he is home.

Liam plays hockey and baseball and is very passionate about both. Unfortunately, due to his father’s military obligation, Liam’s father is occasionally unable to attend Liam’s sporting events, but luckily Liam is surrounded by teammates and their families who provide tremendous support to Liam when his dad is not able to attend his games.

Two years ago, Liam suffered a life changing injury during a hockey game. He dislocated his neck vertebrae in two different spots. Despite this horrific injury, he didn’t give up. Determined to get back on the ice, he excelled in his physical therapy and was back on the ice in no time. He will be trying out for his school’s freshmen team, along with the boys he has grown up with. We are incredibly proud of everything Liam has accomplished and are glad to nominate him as our Military Child of the Month.

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